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Our expert dating coaches can help you get the intimate relationship that is just right for you. End your Dating and Relationship Struggles Today.

Ask yourself:  Are you tired of emotionally unavailable people?  Does your success intimidate other?  Have you been unable to meet people on your own? Are you worried that time is running out?  No matter what has happened for you in the past — know this: You can have the lasting passionate relationship you’re longing for.   Whether you’re just trying to get yourself back out there, healing painful heartbreak, dating after divorce, or hoping to save yourself from picking the wrong person again, we are here to help you.


An effective plan requires clarity and intention about what you’re looking for. We will help you understand what kind of relationship you want, what core values are most important to you, and what kind of person you want to connect with. With clarity and self-awareness firmly in mind, you can then create an action plan for connecting with “the one” who’s right for you.

Personal Branding

Personal branding: Knowing which of your strengths will be most attractive to your ideal partner, and communicating those with intention and confidence through your words, actions, and images. We will show you how to highlight the qualities that make you most desirable, intentionally increase your “chemistry factors,” and – most importantly – how to stop unintentionally turning people off.

Moving Things Forward

How do you avoid accidentally scaring off someone you’re excited about? What personality traits suggest long-term compatibility for you? How do you keep someone interested in getting to know you better? How do you move “dates” into a real relationship? We will show you how to date with power, confidence and intention… and turn a great date into a love of a lifetime.


Connecting with your ideal partner requires living your life to the fullest, and learning how to continue meeting people both through us and organically.

We will show you how to showcase your best self, and also how to maximize all your opportunities for memorable in-person meetings.

You’ll learn how to create multiple connection opportunities, so that you are a “high value date” who has lots of choices.

Highlights of our Relationship Coaching Program

  • We motivate and inspire you to find, create and keep a mutually loving and lasting relationship.
  • We teach you specific strategies to produce results from your personal and professional network, and from your online presence.
  • We design a custom dating action plan to launch (or re-launch) you into the world of dating.
  • We empower you to become your own matchmaker, to learn how to meet wonderful singles and to attract and keep the right one for you.
  • We create effective online profiles and select the photos to make your profile stand out and be unique to attract the men you want to meet.
  • We advise you about the best ways to communicate with men or women you meet online and on dates.
  • We teach you how to prepare for first date success and how to handle difficult questions.
  • We give you the skills you need to date with confidence to make dates fun, positive and worthwhile.