Ever wonder why men hate Valentine’s Day as much as women love it? When it comes to this day of love, women think it’s all about them. Men are supposed to give flowers, jewelry, chocolates, and plan an elaborate date while women are barely expected to give a card. Years of this lopsided display of affection is enough to drive any man crazy. The solution is simple: share the love. Instead of expecting gifts and affirmation, show your man how much you value and appreciate him.

There are dozens of sites that provide Valentine’s Day gift suggestions based on the interests of your guy, but women often spend unnecessary time and money gifting something their man didn’t really want. Take preventative measures by asking your partner what he wants. Treat Valentine’s Day as you would any other holiday and give out of love and not obligation.

February 14 is the day chosen to celebrate love worldwide. This however shouldn’t be the only time of year you make an effort to show your significant other how much you love and appreciate him. With children, work and responsibilities, it’s easy to get caught in the routine of life and take your loved one for granted. Valentine’s Day is meant to remind us of the love we have for one another, and I’m reminding you to take care of your man.

There’s no denying that women should be celebrated and appreciated for all that we do, but the day of love should never be about one person. Love doesn’t work that way, so I encourage you to share the love on Valentine’s Day.