As, South Carolina Matchmakers we are constantly reminding our clients on the importance of not judging a person based off looks alone. Although physical attraction can bring two people together it will not keep them together. Have you ever seen a happy couple walking down the street and found yourself wondering, “Why is she with him?” or “What does he see in her?” The thing is, romantic relationships run much deeper than physical appearances. Chemistry is a huge factor, as well as personality and the fact that people are attracted to different aesthetics. Most people who are worth investing your time in are looking far beyond the surface of physical appearance. Jennifer J. Hayes, from South Carolina Matchmakers says “Such requests we make of our clients, as matchmakers, could be difficult at times.  No one will conveniently agree to let someone manage their love life and even go to the extent of arranging dates for them, with potential matches which they have never met.  For such arrangements to work out in this digital dating age, most clients need serious assurance, which is precisely what we provide at South Carolina Matchmakers. Read more here and find out why looks are overrated.