Love of the Irish

Love of the Irish

Wishing on a shamrock won’t get the love of your life to knock on your front door and sweep you off your feet. It will however get you in the mood to celebrate one of the most lighthearted non-holiday, holidays of the year. St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish cultural celebration adopted by Irish Americans and many other non-Irish individuals each year. This day provides plenty of festivals, parades (and bar crawls) for anyone who is open to having a good time and sharing a few laughs. If you’re dating someone who is Irish or chooses to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, don’t let cultural differences impede the opportunities this day brings. Get out of your comfort zone and let him or her show you the best ways bring out the love of the Irish. If you don’t know where to start, check out my top three things to do on St. Patrick’s Day.

Local Events

This year, St. Patty’s Day falls on a Sunday so there will be dozens of events all weekend long showcasing traditional Irish music, dancing and art and food. Parades will start early in the morning and festivals will last all afternoon. Be prepared to encounter plenty of happy go lucky men and women who are dedicated to the Irish cause. This celebration brings out the greatest of costumes, drinks and Irish demonstrations. Face painting and sham-rocking sweets are available for Irish enthusiasts of all ages, but not all events will be family friendly so do some light research, grab your besties or your sweetheart and jump right in—just don’t forget to wear green!

Irish Restaurant/ Pub

Don’t be intimidated. Irish restaurants and pubs are two of the best places to be for this cultural occasion. In addition to plenty of food and drink specials, you’ll get an opportunity to meet people you may not have otherwise. Keep in mind this is an Irish-themed outing so I encourage you to be open minded about sampling traditional drinks and food, even if the name throws you off. If you’re not sure what to have, ask a friendly face. I have no doubt that someone will be happy to give you a lesson on all things Irish. Stay safe and remember to have fun.

Irish Dinner Party

If you’re a homebody and would prefer to find your pot of gold away from large crowds, create an Irish menu of your own and chef it up! Coordinate with friends and have a potluck complete with green drinks, Irish games and props for Leprechaun photos. Or make a staple Irish diner for two. Either way, this is a creative and inexpensive way to diversify your cooking portfolio and interact with the ones who cherish the most. Don’t worry about making the perfect meal, just let Pinterest be your guide and prepare to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day your way. And if all else fails, order a corned beef sandwich, turn in your favorite Colin Farrell or Liam Neeson movie and call it a night.

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