Love is always something good and worth celebrating and this month we are celebrating one of our amazing couples!

Cynthia Greene, South Carolina Matchmakers Executive Matchmaker, got the great privilege of attending the couples nuptials. She was over the moon to receive an invite and reflects back on meeting them both prior to their engagement. “Shawne and Doug are a great example of two people who set their intentions clearly and then committed to the matchmaking process. In the very beginning Doug verbally told me, ‘I am looking for a serious relationship, I want to get married.’ He let his matchmaking journey be an adventure with each new match staying focused on the end result.” Shawne’s story wasn’t much different Cynthia explains, “Shawne had a great mentality. She wasn’t narrow-minded about her idea of Mr. Right. She was open to the process of meeting someone her matchmaker felt aligned with her personality, character, and lifestyle. They both remained very open about what they were looking for but both agreed that if the match was the one, the end result would be marriage. Flowers on the first date, meeting the parents, an engagement and the rest is history!

The excited pair planned a wedding weekend with their family, friends, and South Carolina Matchmakers, Cynthia Greene, said it was a day she will never forget. Open hearts and open minds are the holy grail of matchmaking. Of course, fostering those two qualities takes time and mindful effort. But together, the two can promote blissful connections and make our job as matchmakers fruitful and so rewarding.